Institut International de Lancy

Institut International de Lancy (or IIL) is considered to be one of the better international schools in Geneva. It is a big school teaching 1500 students from the age of 3 to 18. The school is split into English and French sections, teaching in accordance with the national curriculum of the UK and France respectively. Students at the French section graduate with French Baccalaureate. In the English section students enrol on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Institut International de LancyInstitut International de Lancy dates back to 1903, when it was founded by the sisters of the Congregation of Saint-Joseph de Bourg. English primary section was opened in 2001, followed by the English secondary section in 2005.

IIL is still a catholic school and maintains the fundamental values of tolerance and respect at its core. However, the school prides itself at having a liberal and cosmopolitan outlook. It accepts children of all faiths, and offers religious education is an option.

The school’s mission is to nurture “young people to be multi-lingual, articulate, independent thinkers with a strong sense of self-worth and integrity, and with an awareness of others and the world around them. Pupils are encouraged to develop a sensitivity to social and humanitarian commitment for which the school itself is an advocate and an example.”

Technology at IIL

Institut International de Lancy is a pioneer in the use of technology in education.  In 2012 IIL became the first “one to one” school in Switzerland, meaning that it provides one computer or tablet for every student and teacher.

Interactive whiteboards are installed throughout the school. Screens at strategic locations around the IIL campus broadcast school news and students’ work.

Students have access to an iBar providing technical support, computer rooms (one of which can be used as a cinema), technology classrooms, and a recently set up film studio.

Institut International de Lancy has developed its own digital work environment (ENT) maintained on the school servers. Teachers, students and parents have direct access to it and can view and monitor homework diary, attendance, school calendar, management of extracurricular activities and parents’ meetings.


Although the Institut International de Lancy is not technically bilingual, children usually achieve English-French bilingualism by the time they finish secondary school.  In addition to learning English or French as a foreign language in the small groups, students also benefit from language immersion.  At primary school sport, music or art are taught in a second language. History, geography or sciences – in the secondary school. French section students can further opt for humanities and media studies in English.

In addition to English and French, IIL offers regular programmes in a choice of foreign languages, including German, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin. Russian and Turkish can be learnt extra-curricular.  Institut International de Lancy regularly organises trips to the UK, France, Spain, Germany and China to immerse children into the languages they study.

Extra-curricular and group activities

Institut International de Lancy also offers a range of sporting and cultural extra-curricular activities. Students can choose from several instruments (violin, acoustic guitar, flute, piano and recorder), singing, theatre, painting, chess, sewing, contemporary art techniques, ballet and yoga. There are also a number of competitive sports including judo, football, gymnastics, uni-hockey and table-tennis. Many IIL students and teachers participate in the Escalade race. Students can take part in PRIM ski and “Fête des sports” organised among the pupils of IIL, Florimont and Notre-Dame du Lac.


Art is taught in IIL as an exam subject. Specialised classrooms allow students to explore a wide variety of techniques. There is even a recording studio where students can practice video and sound editing. These facilities allowed Institut International de Lancy to include cinematography at an exam level in secondary school. Drama and Music are taught as part of the regular timetable.

Facilities at Institut International de Lancy

IIL operates a fleet of mini busses to bring children of all ages to school and drive them home at the end of the day. There is an infirmary, which employs a school doctor and two nurses, who are qualified to administer first aid and prescribed medication.

The two school canteens serve healthy well-balanced meals, which have received the “green fork” certification. Hot packed lunch is also available for older students.

Institut International de Lancy provides after school supervision for pupils of all ages every day from 4.30 pm to 6 pm (Wednesdays from 1 pm to 6 pm) throughout the school year. Children can be signed for one or more days a week and even on a day by day basis. The School Life office (Vie Scolaire) also operates a day centre and summer camps for nursery and primary school pupils during the school holidays.


Application process includes, in addition to the application form, an interview with a head of the relevant section.  The interview can be held by Skype, however the school recommends a personal visit.

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