YuliaE1200When moving to any new country with children the choice of a school is one of the most difficult ones that the parents face. It is even harder in countries like Switzerland which, along the great state schools, offer excellent private education in accordance with several educational systems in three languages.

I strongly believe that the school cannot be selected just based on its location or languages spoken; each school has a different feel, ethos and pedagogical approach.  I am convinced that it is one of the most important tasks of a parent to find a right match for their children, to make sure that not only will the school give them the knowledge, but also teach them to love and enjoy learning, help them to make life-long friendships and instill the right values.

Schooling Universe is dedicated to helping parents make an informed choice about their children’s education. It is especially designed for international parents or those who have recently moved to Switzerland and need to transfer their children to a new school. In addition to in-depth information and school visit reviews we also offer personal consultations and assistance with the admissions process.

I have started this project after I was faced with the same choice myself. Having spent considerable amount of time researching and visiting the schools I decided to share this information with other parents.

I moved to Geneva after working as a solicitor for 7 years in the city of London, so I am used to working with the most demanding clients and ensuring that each job is completed to the utmost client satisfaction.