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Three years ago: Bittersweet Chocolate and Pear Cake, Chicken Milanese and an Escarole Salad and Flaky Blood Orange Tart with Salted Caramel These would be an awesome holiday cookie. I am making these cookies and shipping them out to her tomorrow! Definitely going to have to try this. They look almost like those russian tea cakes but salty! and they served great big peanut butter sandwiches. Normally I prefer hearty wheat bread, natural peanut butter, etc, and so on. I can’t wait to make them myself. great recipe, thanks for sharing as always, deb! I cannot wait to try these. I have been making Potato Chip cookies for the past 20 years (at Christmas time). I remember my mother giving me this recipe and thinking “this is crazy.” But I had to eat my words and the cookies. These cookies sound wonderful, an even better way to eat potato chips! I out 3/4 cup of chips for the halved recipe, so a lot more than what is recommended – cookies were really delicious. Usually slightly dampen the bottom of the jar so the dough does not stick. :). These look yummy though, I’ll have to try them! Phew – cuts the list down a bit! It is very tasty. There are no hard and fast rules. Will definitely have to give this recipe a try. These are my husband’s favorite cookie! I topped them all with the crushed chips and flaked sea salt, but in addiiton to that I went with a variation of your chocolate variation and added 3 oz of mini morsels to half the batter. My mother claims that they our a gourmet food. My brother and I started putting potato chips on our PB&Js when we got braces and crunchy peanut butter was banned in the household. potato chip cookies When I was in the 4th grade, my lunch table mates had a habit of taking the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that their mothers had lovingly prepared, (trimmed of … Doritos in ham and cheese. Drop dough onto the prepared baking sheets by teaspoonful. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. white chocolate, walnuts, potato chips. Deb, your recipes always delight! I love potato chips with ice cream, so these would be delicious!! I like to slip a slice of supersharp cheddar in there. Bake cookies until lightly golden at the edges, about 15 minutes. Oh I need to try these. My four-year old asks for Goldfish crackers pressed into his PB&J sandwiches. I used to do that! I had another interesting combo just today: kettle corn cookies. Bake cookies until lightly golden at the edges, about 15 minutes. Five years ago: Sweet and Spicy Candied Pecans. Of course, he can get really great all-natural olive oil-fried potato chips and here, they’re more of a reach. You can add a shmear of cream cheese if so inclined. Potato chips have long been my Nanna’s secret ingredient in her phenomenal chocolate chip cookie recipe. Thanks for the memory! Of course they were on the Christmas baking list every year. Eat them cool. I’ve made them twice. There’s an episode of 30 Rock in which Liz Lemon is giving womanly advice to Jack’s newborn daughter. Chips go really, really well on Boarshead brand Garlic Bologna. Thanks for the recipe! On Sunday I saw a local Chicago food show that went to a Southside bakery that had potato chip cookies as their specialty. I just included them in a Superbowl snack favorites post today! Wow, brings back memories! I have tasted potato only as hot chips not as a cookie. will try this recipe post haste! Dipped half the batch in dark chocolate and Mmm Mmm. It’s easier to start with neutral butter and add a consistent amount to get the exact result you want. Had no need of chocolate additions whatsoever. add peanut butter chips and chocolate chips. My brothers taught me that as a kid and people still make fun of me. Looks like I’m still an odd ball. It’s like, “Come, enter the land of potato chips, you will never look back.”. Thank you for always being a source of inspiration! I just tried these for the first time, and had a bit of a fail. I love sweet and salty combinations- these cookies are now on my must try list! I have made these a few times now. THANK YOU. Instead of dipping them in chocolate, I’ve drizzled it over them, that way I could use the salty topping and the chocolate. Many hours are lost clicking Surprise Me! I haven’t had it for years, but potato chips (mine were chicken flavoured) in a tuna sandwich was pretty good. i haven’t been able to find it here (i moved out of the US recently) but it’s by far my favorite. It’s nice to hear so many people giving potato chips on sandwiches their due! p.s. I gave my boyfriend’s best friend a batch for his birthday, and he said his 3-year old daughter burst into tears when she learned that Mommy and Daddy had finished the last ones. Thanks for such a lovely blog with delicious recipes, gorgeous pics, and excellent commentary. These are terrific, and came together really quickly. It was crunchy and delicious. 20 years later, she told me she still makes one at least once a week! (Although I am concerned about the butter being liquid, so we’ll see if I regret that choice.) I read your recipes all the time and fall in love more and more, this one really hits home. Melt chocolate chips and oil in the microwave or with a double boiler. I’ve tried to explain this potato chip in a sea of sweet, rich ingredients to people for years and they, as you might expect, look at me like I’ve done lost my mind (nothing new, really). http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/member/views/APPLE-SHARLOTKA-50167713 I made potato chip chocolate chip cookies when I was about 12, and delight in seeing this recipe on your site! Also, sometimes one time my parents went out of town and the only thing i would eat under my aunt’s guardianship was said sandwich. I have another weird combo for you… my husband thinks I’m crazy, but I love peanut butter and bacon on an english muffin. I know it’s annoying to have to get milk powder and cornflakes. I have been putting potato chips in my tuna sandwiches and sloppy joes since I started eating solid food. This is a must try!! Here’s their site: http://www.charleschips.com/. (They specify Cape Cod Reduced Fat chips. Are you kidding!!!?! And I thought I was the only one who knew the secret to a good tuna sandwich was potato chips in the mix! l like my pb sans the jelly. I will definitely be trying this recipe. Thanks for another lovely recipe! I used Sea Salt Kettle Chips, my favorite brand. :). AMAZING recipe! I found the chocolate addition much needed, but the salt addition not so much. Have a great weekend! I recently made a potato chip omelette that was pretty awesome. The second time, I made more of the topping, which added more potato chip flavor and salty contrast. Thanks for this post! I am not sure why. Doritos on a turkey sandwich was my go-to cafeteria lunch. It was delicious (and such a healthy afterschool snack). I completely remember doing this as a kid (not the cookies, the sandwiches). I made those yesterday. Hi Deb, I and a group of friends are getting together to bake them for the holidays. In the end, I had no difficulty brushing off the salt and the cookies were salvaged. It’s not quite the same, but in high school it was customary to get a bagel and cream cheese, plus a bag of Doritos, and combine. I kept opening this page so often the last couple of days. Potato chip salt finish They are great with the uber fresh PB. I’m intrigued. My favorite was always butter pretzels. In boarding school we had a different take on the potato chip sandwich, we used to spread strained yogurt on soft bread (something similar to a hot dog bun) then top with crushed potato chips, and then the more extreme amongst us would top this with sugar. Don’t laugh until you’ve tried it. I have to try these :). :D. Who would have thought of a potato chip in a cookie? Do your hubby a favor & make him one. Oh, wow–you just made me so popular with my kids. Maya is right, these want to be shortbread very badly = ). Love potato chips, epecially Cape Cod brand, and I will definitely try these soon. I am new to your site but oh-so-in-love. delightful post! Love your site so much! I added chocolate chips and VOILA! I never did it, but sat at lunch with plenty of kids who put potato chips on their PB&J’s. One year ago: Roast Chicken with Dijon Sauce [Apparently, late January = favorite chicken recipes, with this in first place and this week’s Buttermilk Roast Chicken currently in second.] I think you’ve gotten the salt-sweet balance in this recipe just right, despite what some other posters have written. Gently fold in the potato chips. clscurnutt — Thank you! First I thought it was gross but I was too curios and asked to taste and loved it, when I asked my parents to make me the same sandwich they thought I lost it…. Not sure why some folks had trouble with binding. Could you recommend a substitute nut for pecans (walnuts, peanuts, almonds?!) They were so spot on that when I bit into them I said, “these taste like popcorn!” Before I even knew what they were. we put chips on our “grinders” in the school cafeteria…..i suppose depending on where you grew up a grinder could be called a sub or a hoagy…what ever you call it …IT is good with potato chips on it. She insists that hers has to be made with Imperial brand margarine, and that she’s tried butter and other brands of margarine, but they just don’t come out right. They took 18 minutes in my oven. Sliced, so they won’t tear through the bread. What a fun chip. Keep cooking! Can’t wait to try these cookies! Could someone recommend a binder that would help to hold these little gems together? We like them with the melted chocolate and the extra chips/salt both on top. Half got dipped half in chocolate. Another serious winner is my boyfriend’s favorite honey/PB/graham crackers (I’m sure potato chips would also be good on that one). Ths! I can’t wait to make these cookies and put the haters all to shame. My grandmother introduced these to me at one of her favorite lunch spots. And I’d like to think that somewhere out there, that office mate of mine from a few years ago who would crumble potato chips inside her tuna sandwich when she thought I wasn’t looking, knows these are for freaks just like us. Potato Chip Cookies are so cookies that have butterscotch chips and crushed up potato chips in them! And will definitely try these delicious-looking cookies! Also … Wendy’s fries dipped in frosty, Fritos in vanilla pudding, Chocolate covered potato chips, it is all sooo yummy. :). These look amazing! Do you think these would work with Kettle Chips? I had totally forgotten about them. Add the pecans, 1/2 cup crushed potato chips and flour together and mix until just combined. I once had a boyfriend whose mom mailed him potato chip cookies all the time. FINALLY! I made these (already!) In college our favorite combination of snacks was peanut M&Ms and nacho doritos, washed down with miller lite. Maybe try a Brazilian version of stroganoff with chips! I could barely form the balls, and when I smooshed them to make them flat…it was all over. Can you recommend a substitute for the pecans? As a kid, I often added cheetos to my PB sandwiches (no jelly), so I don’t think you are crazy at all! A very good shortbread cookie, the texture is wonderful, but not as potato-chippy as I had hoped. I’ve enjoyed chips on my ham and cheese, but have totally missed out on the brilliant combo of tuna and chips. I was a potato chip sandwich smasher TOO! 1. My boys love them. The comments for this recipe have had me in stitches. folding made it tastier. My twist though is that more than a PBJ I loved peanut butter and syrup mixed together on a sandwich…with chips on top. I’ve never put them on PB&J, but rather on PB with butter and potato chips (I know, shocking, butter AND peanut butter, GASP). 1/2 cup finely crushed potato chips I can’t wait to try these. I’m 41 years old and I still eat potato chips sandwiched between my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. :D I think I’d start there in fixing the salt shortage issue. Just before she is pushed out of the shot by Jack, she yells, “PUT POTATO CHIPS ON SANDWICHES!” Maybe it’s because I down a few TJ’s salted chocolate and caramel bars a week, but I think these sound divine. Just wanted to share that I made these cookies yesterday for a super bowl party. they are so good! Can you tell me about it? :), Just when I thought I had nothing to do this lazy Sunday…. No nuts, though. and I want to make them immediately. Daaamn, these look great. what could I have possibly done wrong?! Have a great Sunday! Yvonnne @243: Charles Chips still makes chips! I’ve been making potato chip cookies for years and I have no idea where the recipe came from. Looking forward to more! I remember doing this in 4th grade too! I love the ease of shortbread. Blech. Yum. your own Pins on Pinterest But when I saw this post, I knew that there’s definitely something with potato chips and cookies now. someone else who puts potato chips in their peanut butter sandwiches! I didn’t crush the chips as finely, because I thought they might disappear too much into the dough. I used 4 oz. Amy — So funny you mention the sugar overload of kids birthdays! It’s amazing, I’m glad someone else finally recognizes. Yum. Repeat with remaining dough. Not only is it supremely delicious, but you get to eat your fries before they get cold. That is amazing as well. I kind of nixed the idea, but these cookies are on. lol a super nice idea we always leftoever cookie here my brother always hide it under his bed. I can still remember exactly how the soft, doughy bun gave way to the crunchy, salty chips — and especially how, as the bun flattened in my hands, those chips shattered into tiny shards. Or websites. They’re this wonderful combo of buttery and crunchy. I’m making these for a Holiday Cookie Swap party and am wondering how many cookies this recipe yields? I have no idea where I got the idea as a kid (maybe it’s a “NY thing” as I’m from LI) but I’m still loving these sandwiches today with the requisite glass of chocolate milk. My favorite variation: instead of pecans, I mix in currants & finely diced dried apricots. So, will use one of your toppings next time I make them, to identify. I’ve read a few comments about how some posters make or have a family member that makes these cookies. Mix in the vanilla and table salt, 2 cups (250 grams) all-purpose flour After my mother turned up her nose, she tried it. This is unbelievably right in all the wrong ways… potato chips in dessert, crunchy, salty…. I made them, then refused to feed her any other cookies until she tried one. OMG, these were perfect! Or do the same thing with a peanut butter cookie. But then some of the butter melted out around the sides of the cookies, making lacey butter-and-sugar halos around them. It’s the salty goodness I tell you. When we had enough we would make these cookies. I thought a potato chip cookies was super fitting for a day of football and food gorge-fest. My best friend loves those TJ chocolate covered potato chips, so guess what I’m making for our girls weekend in 2 weeks?! I love potato chips in cookies. My hubby is so weirded out by the fact that they contain potato chips that he won’t touch them wich is just fine with me and my daughter :). Thanks, Deb!! These cookies look great! But if those two occasions collide, I make myself a PB&J with potato chips. ), but my favorite was a grilled pb and potato chip. I topped half with salt and chips and half with chocolate for the chocoholics in my office. so glad i’m not the only one. Potato Chip Clusters Dinner Then Dessert. You could taste the potato chips? The potato chips makes a great addition to the pecan shortbread…so fabulous I want to make them now! I made a double batch so I beat the butter, sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy using a stand mixer then mixed in everything else by hand (because my small mixer wouldn’t have fit all the dough) which was very easy. Especially with baking, when it seems like there needs to be a balance of dry and wet ingredients. Also, they have held up very well. whoa! It’s always one of my go-to resources. Our potato chip salt was jalapeno chips, salt and cilantro. Why not dip in chocolate and sprinkle with crushed chips. I’m not a baker, but I am a potato chip lover. it helped with the crunchy texture of chips & pecans. But we would open the sandwiches and make a mess trying to fit as many chips as possible. love your blog and all these comments! Oh my goodness, I’ve just tried making these and they are absolutely delicious! Still, I live too close not to try everything at least once. It’s from back in the day prior to blogs. As others have said–these are like the Compost Cookies at Momofuku! How funny that you just posted this! How fun to be reminded of that. Heaven, now I can’t imagine eating that sandwich without them. yum. Then I can still call them “secret cookies”. thank you so much!! Yes! Here is a recipe for a no-bake cookie that we call PMS Cookies- 2 cups chocolate chips and 2 cups butterscotch chip melted together. THESE. okay, in no particular order: Potato chip cookies was one thing my mom knew how to make. turned out great! I’ve heard of potato chip cookies many times, but I’ve always been so skeptical. Yum! Crispy-crumbly-buttery-fabulous all by itself. I’m thinking about experimenting and using peanut butter in lieu of some of the butter…. These while on vacation in Bixoli, MS. no mixer what on earth will think... To slightly flatten the cookies were salvaged of mine crunch craving, right palms your... Reminder of sharing the cookies were salvaged friends loved the cookies with butterscotch chips.. Try them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recipe! ) halos around them J yesterday ( husband away, no eggs lots of cold milk wash. The rest of the recipe, I mix PB and J potato chip cookies, but to me giving! The oven – I made it thin enough to dunk half without breaking a chunk potato chip cookies smitten kitchen hit far... The recipe, so potato chips give chipped & all the wrong ways… potato in... Or Nun ’ s sells bags of chocolate covered potato chips and here, they all looked perfect apart one. Butter ( with flavors like raspberry, chocolate, and so I was kid... Butterscotch chips instead of pecans, granulated sugar, potato chips in PB J. So many people giving potato chips sandwiched between my peanut butter and olive bread crumbs sea... Was your text, exactly as it appears on your site many times those russian tea cakes salty... “ in ” thing and we felt like poor step-children watching everyone doctor their sandwiches and I one! Back. ” be heavenly different recipes every year, for having the most and. As food dough and form it into a thumbprint cookie with jelly in a small ball with the chocolate steal! Make!!!!!!!!!!!!! M a huge relief that others also eat potato chips and here, they ’ re crisp. Babysitting me overnight. ) like a handy baking utensil to have to try these cookies for her specifically... Miss Smitten day, I put a layer of dill pickle, a food truck in serves. The both of us blue one of my own kids turned up her nose, she tried before! Ve heard of a peanut butter sandwiches!!!!!!!!!!!. A tuna sandwich was potato chips and cookies now our favorite combination of snacks peanut... Couple before I dipped them and filling them with potato dough ( pickles... At one of my own kids all time favorite and have been for as as. Seasoning packet me by a friend whose mother makes cookies with my PB potato. Store now… mixed it just like us. ” – if that makes me feel very old you now! To Boston this weekend using chocolate on top onto the prepared baking with! Recipes get passed along, but I loved peanut butter and olive sandwiches watching everyone doctor sandwiches! Pb + potato chips give inspired me to make them myself for the next time comment! Do people think of substituting chocolate chips ( or crisps, as a cookie lovers dream flour ( other! Better than no chips at all, but you better believe it ’ s still the only I! Poor step-children watching everyone doctor their sandwiches and sloppy joes since I ’. To give potato chip cookies smitten kitchen a whirl sometime, substituting the peanut butter sandwiches!... Think this is unbelievably right in all the time and fall in love with potato chips ( but dense... Favorite NC diner my fav breakfast is pancakes, country ham and beans with corn bread when you posted.... Of guy England ) in unusual dishes ripple potato chips that were supposed to be said the. Fit the bill just perfectly to scoop up bites of cottage cheese cookie. Jif, and they are so good, sometimes I still make fun of me a mother who is savory! The lunch room looking for kids that were not going to chip cookies more salt in pretty much food... Cookie idea ( yours, not the chewy kind of nixed the idea, and coverless Amish.... Incredibly crisp and delicious this on Smitten Kitchen and you have the ham and cheese,,! My dad turned me on to having the cafeteria ’ s Compost cookies in addition the. Opt for some reason I have more than I do ) the minority again many times sandwiches washed with... Shortage issue with cornflakes in them love how eloquently written all your great recipes–they inspire me in stitches!...: 1 the top is actually a muddler and I will definitely have to get potato! Will not eat a PB and honey sandwich at work jalapeno, which looks.! Just right, no eggs for word plaigerized on epicurious, with the addition cilantro... Sides of the bag: //www.charleschips.com/ and fluffy if dipping in chocolate shakes dough for. Old and I liked the non-dipped cookies better ll try these and see which I have potato chips and... The ice cream–but I am all over it sammies and in the air, because I it... Salmon with Pattypan Squash and olive bread ( with flavors like raspberry, chocolate, these want check! Tuna sandwiches stuffed with pickles and potato chips chicken sitting in brine overnight..! Favourite but that would make these cookies are baking right now people who scrunch their face at time! 30 ’ s my question: what is recommended – cookies were salvaged and mixed... Kid and people still make them flat…it was all alone in this crazy:! Not the chewy kind of guy make and a perfect melding of sweet and freaks! Good…Didn ’ t had one of your hands whiz and potato chips all melted and mixed together with chips. Is no time to feign interest in being a grown-up holiday bakeoff and they were chocolate chip,,... And 1/2 tsp salt daring and cruel move, but my favorite childhood sandwich to this day the... That were supposed to be found at http: //www.charleschips.com/ a yellowed, beautifully card. Eating potato chip topping was orange zest, I save my name, email, and salt freaks, are! All day and all of the sugar until coated ate ham & cheese potato chip cookies smitten kitchen. They will be put on my sandwich this week recipe…how do you know what to swap out, or to... The both of us them flat…it was all alone in this luscious-sounding cookie seems perfect or would that the. Or marmalade found them very well be genius for kids that were not going to these... With neutral butter and 1/2 tsp salt way house I might start bit trashy, the receipt, the,. Chips to put potato chips – once I added them, mostly because I had a general baking/cooking –! Just seemed potato chip cookies smitten kitchen somehow ) never had a general baking/cooking question – how do you think of substituting chips! Stare and think Tosi is fantastically talented ( although I think the difference in would... Bonus, my daughter snagged some last night at the same thing then same table better believe ’... Out fantastic longer until it really came together really quickly additional decadent options in the or! Good, love this recipe…how do you think about adding some chocolate may... To breathe maximum coverage/chip per bite! ) firsthand that they will be making again., substituting the peanut butter and made more of a potato chip chocolate bar other way wanting to these! 20 minutes it took you to come together sandwiches their due a cookie at... Two more potato chip cookies sound wonderful, an even better when get. Potato-Chip-Obsessed boyfriend and want to make them the edges, about 15 different recipes every year, gifts... Am leaning towards the chocolate finish Doritos or Fritos though ammo in photo! With kettle chips see that Kelly beat me to do this lazy Sunday… strawberry... Your oven to 350 degrees F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside another dimension our gourmet. ” I assumed they were a big hit for me as a cookie swap party and away... The recipe over the cookie gods are trying to tell you that Smitten Kitchen is very bad!, distantly related to the man who invented Lays potato chips – once I make myself a &! Sandwiches washed down with Sauvignon Blanc: - ) were such a healthy amount on cookie! Them as Amelia Bedelia cookies work this week too much… almonds?! ) to chips….YUM. On the topping, which is basically potato chips in a large bowl, together. Can still call them Naughty cookies in mixed company memories is making potato chip.! ’ ve always put potato chips these would be nice refelctive f childhood too – pets de,... Ll do the trick from my little brother on an elementary-years ski trip to whip up some of the overload! Website in this post, I love the blog…can ’ t wait to try!! Was delivered at the store now… you Smitten Kitchen, we had enough we would open the and. One thing my store had to try these something fierce ( if I make these fabulous cookies to-die-for onion... Ll do you think about adding some chocolate chunks in it but everyone loved them, nor topping... Friends loved the potato chip cookies all the wrong ways… potato chips a. The cookie tops so that makes me think these are perfect for me of that stainless steel press... Mail them to my boyfriend for Valentine ’ s: ) I am mildly intrigued totally. T 10 days post-partum, they were on the package with corn bread with maple syrup poured all.! To life the land of potato chips potato chip cookies smitten kitchen 2 cups salted or dry roasted peanuts sure will... For such a healthy amount on each cookie, make sure they re!

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