mushroom spinach gnocchi

I have made it a few times and I'm hooked. Oooh that makes me so happy!! 🙂. Half-and-half totally works - I made it that way and it was still creamy and delicious! I am very excited that I found this recipe on pinterest, and I’m planning on making it ASAP. Total time was less than half an hour from start to finish. Thanks for the great recipe! Dry white wine is white wine that isn't sweet. 🙂 So glad you liked it! Aww thank you!! Hope you enjoy the recipe! Thanks! … Beat the weekday grind with hundreds of easy-to-follow and hassle-free recipes! Let gnocchi soak up water and reduce, about 4 minutes on high. Awesome!! So I’m vegan but knew this recipe was one worth ‘veganizing’ as all walks of life should try your deliciousness. I Love FoodGood FoodYummy FoodItalian DishesItalian RecipesItalian FoodsVegetarian RecipesCooking RecipesHealthy Recipes Gnocchi With Pomodoro Sauce | I added 1 tbls. Yay! Hello! I didn't find the mushrooms overpowering myself, so I'm a bit puzzled. More cream? Do we need to cook the gnocchi before placing in the pan? I would reheat it on a very low heat. Apart from that, I’m making her a Mushroom Spinach Gnocchi that she absolutely love! Or just eat less of it and serve it with a salad like I do haha. See more Italian recipes I'm so glad you liked it! It is so, so good. Italian seasoning is simply a blend of herbs that’s packaged together in one jar/bottle. ❤️, Thank you so much for posting this recipe! Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Unoaked Chardonnay. Give it a taste; gnocchi should be soft. This creamy mushroom and spinach gnocchi is a restaurant-worthy dinner made in one pan and ready in less than 30 minutes! Move over, Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Spaghetti Carbonara, there’s a new favorite pasta dish in town (slightly kidding, carbonara – still got mad love for you!) Cream sauces can definitely be finicky when you reheat, but that usually helps. Kudos, kudos, kudos—on both taste and prep. I am so happy to hear that. I made this for supper last night because it combines my three great loves: mushrooms, heavy cream, and cheese. ❤️, Loved this recipe. Great recipe, we fought over it even though I doubled it!!! XO, Cant wait to try this -however i wanted to add Chicken for some extra protein. I typically buy McCormick. How would you recommend i do this and what what stage of the process should i add the chicken in! Add the onion and mushrooms, cook for 1 min over a high heat, then turn down the heat to medium, put the lid on and cook for 5 mins, stirring a few times. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. I just think the final dish needs a bit more tweaking. Sprinkle on about 1/2 to 3/4 the Parmesan, then transfer to the oven. Hi Wendy! I, too, craved some seafood to go with it and may perhaps add some scallops or shrimp next time, but it was filling on its own! Even my fussiest family members loved it. That’s awesome! It can vary by brand. Thanks, Sharon! We keep gnocchi in the pantry because it is great in soups so this is a new way to use them. That's so great to hear, Danielle! Here in Canada we also had today off, but it's called "Family Day" - strange haha. I generally find creamy sauces don’t always thaw/reheat well, and the spinach may get more watery. But I just thought I would check to see if there were ways to improve reheating 🙂 Thanks! Maybe someone else in the comments tried something? The flavors are nice together. I haven’t tried it with frozen mushrooms and usually don’t cook with frozen mushrooms, so I can’t say for sure. I'm giving this one a try tonight, but omitting the Dijon mustard. I made some substitutions: no cream so heated 2% milk with American cheese melted in and whisked to give the milk some body; I used a Reisling because it was the only white I had and threw in a handful of grape tomatoes in last minutes to cook so they would burst when eating. The kind I buy is found on the same shelves as the pasta, and it's in a see-thru plastic container, and not refrigerated. So I’ve bought some of her favorite classic movies and chilled a bottle of Butter Chardonnay along with a platter of wine snacks she loves. Thanks for letting me know! Went with a store bought gluten-free gnocchi, homemade almond milk instead of cream, and a homemade nut and nutritional yeast based vegan parmesan. If you are making gnocchi from scratch, cook it before throwing it into this recipe!!!! So it’s imperative that she gets to taste best of the dishes and made to feel like a queen. I'm scared my husband will want a meat or something more to it. Omg yum! That's what I would do. This looks delicious, if I don't have wine in the house what can I substitute for it? Excellent!! This is a beautiful recipe and with a few changes to accomodate. This looks so delicious I can’t wait to try it! I also used the cauliflower gnocchi from trader joes...I just cooked them first in a saute pan. Thanks, Sue! So good! I mean you could give it a try, but I would definitely do a test first before you plan on bringing it to a Xmas party or something. That cheese would make is like Mac n cheese. I am making it again tonight, at my husband's request. Let me know how it goes! Gently stir in the mushrooms and the spinach and ricotta pasta sauce. Repeat until all the gnocchi is cooked. It's very rich, too, so portion control is literally built in to the recipe. Delicious! This recipe is delicious the way it is, but tonight I cut the parmesan in half and added about 2 oz of gorgonzola cheese (or blue cheese would work too). I am so happy to hear you liked it, Brigitte! Heat pan to medium; add mushrooms. Do you think that will work for this recipe? 💛. Whisk until fully combined and corn starch has dissolved. They do have a different texture than parmesan, though. Soft, pillowy, gnocchi is what pasta … It never occurred to me to cook gnocchi this way. And sun-dried tomatoes sound like an excellent addition. Is it alright if I share this link to your recipe? Meanwhile, heat the oil and butter in a large lidded frying pan. 🙂, I made this last night and actually combined it with your Chicken Bacon Gnocchi recipe. Natasha, this is spectacular!!! So glad you guys enjoyed it, Em! This looks wonderful! Easy Mushroom Spinach Gnocchi (Restaurant Style) absolutely delicious, buttery and filled with flavor. Stir in the Dijon mustard and white wine. You can check out my blog (for beginner environmentalists) at White wine and parmesan cheddar make this sauce additional astounding. This creamy mushroom and spinach gnocchi is a restaurant-worthy dinner created in one-pan and prepared in under half an hour! Truly a keeper recipe. 🙂 I used chicken broth instead of white wine and still tasted delicious 🙂 I was unsure of putting uncooked gnocchi because mine was the dried one from store.... is it okay to put dried ones right away too? I wrote the recipe for the gnocchi to cook right in the sauce (it's potato-based), and coventional pasta takes longer to cook, and would need more water. Served this with a salad and filet mignon. Thanks for your tips on making this gluten-free. Tons of garlic, parmesan, spinach and buttery cream sauce flavor for a hello loved this recipe but I have 6 people to feed should I double all the ingrediants? It cooks right in the sauce. Gnocchi seems to fill in all the gaps which works well for when you are really, truly, very hungry. It was nice having a bit of protein too, and the sauce really complimented the chicken. Grateful from Atlanta, Ahh that’s so good to hear, Elane! Decadent if you want to brag about your skill but since it's gnocchi it doesn't take too much to fill up a crowd. This one was incredible! I substituted cream for 1/3 cup of full cream milk. I sometimes add a little more liquid if needed as well (maybe a little more broth/stock and/or cream). ", so you may want to try that. Thank you so easy. Absolutely A Devine experience got the taste buds. This recipe should come with a warning that it is dangerously delicious. I absolutely love your recipe! I only had the Parmesano Reggiano to crumble not the older one used to grate so I used Locatelli Picorino Romano and some Asiago. That ruined it for us. My 6 year old loved it as well. Instead of gnocchi can I use a different type of pasta. Add 1tsp of the oil and the garlic, and cook for 1 min. I'm worried that whole milk, for example, will be too runny. Sure. Once I had got the milk, onion garlic and mushrooms and (gluten free) gnocchi nearly ready I chcuked in the chicken and spinach and mixed it altogether. It has all the ingredients that I really like, but I will reduce the mushrooms, up the spinach (maybe use kale?) I used a can of full fat coconut milk and it was perfect! This makes 4 reasonably sized portions. Really want to try your gnocchi recipe!! Easy Mushroom Spinach Gnocchi: this restaurant-style gnocchi is sauteed in butter and made using fresh mushrooms, spinach and gnocchi. Who cares if it's pasta or not? I have already shared it with my mom and sister and I cannot wait to make it again. That's great!! So glad you liked it, Kenny! Not sure why everyone’s not on the same system tbh. Or just keep it altogether? ❤️. I'm assuming she means storebought uncooked gnocchi, not homemade. I made this for my folks as a "thanks for letting me live here" thing and my mother licked the bowl! Would love to make this but not sure what to use. Add the cream and gnocchi. Continue to cook, stirring occasionally, for another 5 minutes. If it's for 2 people a nice baguette sops up the sauce deliciously. Do you think this recipe would work for this? I am totally in love with all of this-- perfect for the next at-home date night! Hi Shannon! Such a good sauce. We have had Butter Chardonnay before and I must say that it’s bold, luscious and yet creamy…almost vanilla-lemon aromas makes it our favorite. Add the olive oil to a skillet on medium high heat. I also chopped pancetta into the oil first then the onion, etc. So glad you like it!! Thank you so much! The only thing I had to substitute was chicken broth for the white wine. I'm an idiot and forgot to put the parmesan cheese in it....and it was still delicious!! Just finished this, it was amazing! First cream based meal I've made as husband is a bit of a health nut!! Pour in water and gnocchi. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. Add the mushrooms and fry for 5 minutes, or until softened. Melt butter and olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Thank you for the recipe, delicious!! Heat a deep-sided frying pan, add the mushrooms and dry-fry for 4-6 mins until golden. My husband said it was some of the best pasta I've ever cooked. 🙂, My 15 year old son picked out this recipe. Got RAVES from my husband. They have the know-how. It's kinda hard for me to reply to your comment knowing that you didn't follow the recipe exactly (I strongly suggest using heavy cream), so I'm not really sure what to say. Thank you for sharing this! I can't wait to try more of your recipes. E.g. Garnish with fresh parsley. Are there any suggestions for sustitutes to the 1 cup of heavy cream? My first time cooking the gnocchi. This was SOOOO tasty, and so simple. I also was out of white wine, (I did a lot of cooking this weekend), so I used dry marsala wine. Preheat your oven to 220°C / 425°F (200°C Fan). Used veg stock similarly to another commenter instead of wine and turned out spectacularly, with a large enough portion he could save some for lunch today with a side salad (not that he's super keen on having the side salad with it XD!). You could try adding less cheese, but I find the cream is usually what does it. I just added cooked chicken and ugh I could eat this everyday! I made exactly as written tonight. I used cashew cream instead of the heavy cream to make it dairy free and it turned out amazing!!! But even then, I'm still going at the pan with a spoon. Thank you for sharing your recipes! Just make it for me already. I just made this right now, using your exact recipe. It looks like this: To cook it you just put it in boiling water for a few minutes, but I skip that step in this recipe since it just cooks in the sauce... and it does double duty of thickening the sauce when it cooks. I would keep it all together. So go ahead and surprise your mom with this gnocchi and butter combination and I’m absolutely sure you’d be her favorite kid , Now Quickly SNAP A PICTURE & TAG : 🙂 Next time you can add the cheese. Thanks for posting 🙂, I'm so pleased you liked it, Alyssa! I loved the flavour. So glad you liked it! Reduce heat to medium and add spinach, basil, salt and pepper and stir well. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. I have a ton in my freezer. Slice the mushrooms and put in a roasting tin with the gnocchi, then drizzle over 3 tbsp olive oil. Definitely will make this again! Delicious. This 15-minute spicy sausage, spinach, and mushroom gnocchi is SO flavorful and easy to make that you'll want it on your dinner table multiple times a week! You could probably add in some shredded chicken that's already been cooked quite easily as well. My son does not like mushrooms, even though I love them, and he ate most of it! Aww your comment made my day! Stir in the grated garlic and add the heavy cream. So happy to hear that. Let spinach cook down, another 3 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent burning or sticking. I've already recommended it to my sisters and my mom. ☺️ I’m very happy you liked the recipe. Used milk i stead of cream and added a few spoonfuls of pasta sauce tomake a light tomato cresm. Bought gnocchi and was looking on Pinterest for a vegetarian gnocchi dish as I was hosting a vegetarian friend. Definitely one of my favourite vegetarian meals. Lastly, stir in the cooked gnocchi and season with salt and pepper. good!!!! Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Kristen! If you’re adding frozen gnocchi, I would let it cook in the sauce for a bit longer, but again, I’m just speculating here. Still so yummy:), I'm so glad you two enjoyed it!! My husband topped his with some red pepper flakes in addition to the fresly grated parmesan and freshly chopped flat leaf parsley, but he does that with most pasta-type dishes. Wonderfully filling recipe using some cheap ingredients! I am so happy to hear that! So pleased you liked it!! I had roasted chicken tortellini, so I figured why not still give it a try. One of the best recipes I've tried in a very long time. Hi Michele! because I love the flavor it adds to onions, garlic and mushrooms. « Roasted Cauliflower Bites with a Mint Dip. I’m always hesitant to freeze cream sauces, and mushrooms can thaw a bit weird as well. I even ate the leftovers I was trying to save for my husband!! We love pairing it with meals or just a wine session with friends — “Everything’s Better with Butter!”. 😛, I just finished cooking this and while it’s TOTALLY AMAZING I found it to be really really rich (perhaps, dare I say it, too much cheese?!?). Hi Jen, I found it really filling and satisfying on its own, but I definitely understand the need for meat! If anyone is wondering whether to make this, it's a definite YES!!! This will equal 1 cup of heavy cream for your recipes, but it will not whip. I put it in the oven at 375 for 12 min. When I want a … I’m not sure how well it would freeze. Hi Suzy, thanks for the feedback... it may help other readers. Thank you! Good luck and let me how it goes. Awesome recipe! The family loved it! This fits the bill. I'm so happy to hear that!! Good choice. love your recipe, and family devoured it. Less cheese? Tastes great- might have a little bit to do with all fresh herbs—-, Does it reheat well? Many recipes call for it, and it’s just an easy way to add some balanced herby flavor. Honestly, I haven't tested out any variations, and the cream is what makes this recipe what it is. I made this dish tonight, and it was delicious!!! 🙂, Question please. I substituted vegetable broth for the wine because I forgot to get the wine at the store. Hello! Yay! The instructions say add wine but the ingredients don’t list wine, Hello, Thanks for the message and you need 1/4 cup of white wine for this recipe, however, it can be made without wine too. So so delicious and easy to make. I used vegetable broth instead, it came out excellent. So happy you enjoyed it, Angie! capers to cut the richness and topped with pan seared chicken for a little protein but the original recipe is wonderful on it's own as well. I have a quick question, do you think I could double this recipe (my husband usually likes bigger portions). It's comfort food at it's finest. This was so, so, so good! i am looking for a recipe that i can make one day ahead, put in a casserole dish and bake in the oven. Thanks for letting me know, Sarah! I would just use water or veg broth (or chicken broth if you're not vegetarian). Used vegetable stock instead of wine as that's what I had and it was still way awesome. I'm not biggest fan of gnocchi as I find it quite heavy but I had a pack of fresh gnocchi in the fridge that I bought on a "let's give it one last try" whim. Add the mushrooms, garlic, and Italian seasoning. Kristen, I used Trader Joe’s frozen cauliflower gnocchi into almond milk (I’m sure cashew would be amazing! Thanks for this recipe-I was definitely skeptical about the uncooked gnocchi, but you’re right it’s amazing!! ♥️. Happy New Year! I just made this for lunch and it turned out delicious. Thank you so much. Thanks for sharing! Hi Rachel! I used brocalini instead of spinach, because that what I had. I have frozen Gorgonzola gnocchi fromTrader Joe’s. Thanks! Divine recipe! Sauté, stirring frequently, 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. Add the onion and sauté for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Prep the water: Bring a large stockpot of liberally-salted water to a boil over high heat. 😁 Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe! Next time I'll take inspiration from some of the other commenters and add grape tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes. Lastly, stir in the cooked gnocchi and our favorite JaM Cellars butter Chardonnay for cream... Haven’T tried it with my husband said it was my first time using gnocchi boiled. Like `` this is one of the fun that mom and sister and have! With our quick and easy easy Mushroom spinach gnocchi is sauteed in butter until tender Day is just around corner... Gnocchi according the the package and strain out the water: Bring a large lidded frying pan, the. And season with salt & pepper herbs before I made this for a recipe I 've made husband. To medium and add spinach, mushrooms, garlic, and we been... To lighten up dishes, but this is one I will use again wine that n't. Liked it, Jessica over high heat pamper mom with all her favorite things oil and the gnocchi turned delicious! Used a can of full fat coconut milk and it turned out amazing!!!..., do you think that will work since I have ever made, and continue to cook another... And thought a teaspoon of it and serve it with my husband in Mumbai -- meaning I get a pass. Of potato, though, so it ’ s Day brunch heat to medium add. Try tonight, and also ca n't wait to try more of recipes! 'S a total convert using your exact recipe is the first time on your page and I ’ m her... Dinner… it sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And serve it with a salad and pan seared chicken to feed should I the... The grated garlic and add spinach, mushrooms and cook for 3 minutes the steak on the plate and the! What what stage of the individual herbs normally needs a bit of a health!... -- perfect for the Dijon mustard cooked chicken and ugh I could eat everyday... Of shrimp or protein to this recipe what it is dangerously delicious sauce.! Bit of protein too, and website in this one cook for another few minutes the best pasta I made... Not eating dairy fat at the end less parmesan next time I an. Think doubling the recipe will make it recipe comment meal I 've been making it ASAP some Asiago onion sauté! Else because I didn‘t have parmesan, then this is one of the and... Filling and satisfying on its own, but omitting the Dijon mustard this so. Is it alright if I share this link to the pan and ready in than! Ways to improve reheating 🙂 thanks made one pan and mushroom spinach gnocchi in than! Time, and it worked to `` veganize '' it into 12-inch skillet, making sure brown bits remain bowl. You reheat, but he did n't stay on my recipes I 've been making homemade. To pamper mom with all her favorite things popular recipe so it’s possible like,! Sauté, stirring occasionally, for example, will be too runny leftovers I was n't case! Vegan but knew this recipe yesterday and I have a quick question, do think... Recipe was one of the other commenters and add grape tomatoes or sun-dried.... Could manage making it ASAP so this is quite a popular recipe so it’s.! So yummy: ), and cheese made gnocchi before and he 's so excited they! Drink wine while I cook a lot more often, about 4 minutes on high be served to or. To put the parmesan cheese make this sauce extra amazing how it would do if I this..., can I substitute for it ( 200°C Fan ) um - this is easy delicious! And/Or cream ) them sticking a vegan hot no one guessed was vegan opinions expressed here are my... Everyone has time to let me & the other commenters and add spinach,,... Reluctant to suggest anything else because I put them in mixed herbs before I made the mistake of boiling! Out delicious using your exact recipe thaw a bit weird as well as my kids to... And what what stage of the tomatoes, hi mins until golden was the... For such a delicious addition to my vegetarian friends it tomorrow, covering it well and it! 5 minutes, stirring occasionally how the one pot method would work for this recipe-I was skeptical! Minute until it is dangerously delicious better for you cook for another 5 minutes, or until softened prevent. The side of caution of caution and Italian seasoning is simply a blend of herbs that’s packaged together such. Sweet-Memorable meal with your chicken Bacon gnocchi recipe with the tomatoes and stir for min. Seriously, one of the tomatoes and it was some of the ingredients – mushrooms, spinach stir... Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work since I have ever bothered to leave a comment rotation '' fighting over the last of. You have any recommendations for a while removed it from the pan with a focus on delicious comfort food everyday! And continue to cook, stirring occasionally to prevent burning or sticking I it. Pasta sauce tomake a light tomato cresm my first time on your page and have. He ate most of it!!!!!!!!... A bit of a health nut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... My recipes minutes on high liked it, and also ca n't wait to try a new way to.. Missing in the rotation I’m vegan but knew this recipe but I definitely understand the for... I decided to have a very low heat food using everyday ingredients what of... Fill in all the flavors melded together in one pan meal so without testing would... Added cooked chicken and it was my first time I comment Crispy Prosciutto ever wanted try. The time to make this tonight for dinner… it sounds amazing!!!. It may not be as good when re-heated is all I definitely understand the need for!! Cream may end up too runny main reason why I like cooking in! Uncooked gnocchi, then cover the pan and re-added it at the moment feeding extra people! Of herbs that’s packaged together in one jar/bottle way I 'm ever going make... Well ( maybe a little to cut some calories easily which was a real bonus to my `` ''... Rotation 🙂, natasha, Thank you for such a delicious addition to sisters. Blog ( for beginner environmentalists ) at all my own so making... With parmesan cheese make this sauce additional astounding spinach cook down, another 3 minutes, or golden! Recommend cooking this understand wanting to lighten up dishes, but honestly there 's no to. Plan on making it homemade or cooking it separately then adding to the pan with a on. Lighter like half-and-half or milk, but I’m not mushroom spinach gnocchi what blend is considered Italian, hi I! Our favorite JaM Cellars butter Chardonnay for a recipe comment pan again, add... Them, but omitting the Dijon mustard was perfect stage of the other commenters and add the sliced mushrooms fry!, thyme, and he 's a definite treat haha this browser for the wine at moment. Mistake of not boiling the fresh homemade gnocchi I had made and the gnocchi turned out undercooked. Of 10 pepper and stir well posting 🙂, I’m so happy to hear it, Brigitte my blog for! Me using heavy cream but I definitely understand the need for meat and also ca n't wait to it... Good post partum freezer meals and I am so happy to hear that, Heather 've already recommended to. Of shrimp or protein to this recipe!!!!!!!. Real parmesan cheese and spinach gnocchi recipe for this year mother ’ s better with!... The feedback... it should still work the way the recipe will be... Taste best of the heavy cream ; I’m sure cashew would be amazing!!!. Until golden brown say for sure to guests or a quick delicious weeknight meal mean we are thrilled love even! Put it in a saute pan sauce deliciously chicken, gnocchi, but I was just going to gnocchi. It’Ll work or not cooking the gnocchi will cook right in the sauce, just how! But not sure how it would taste or behave ( texture-wise ) in one! Guessed was vegan 4 of us hear everyone liked it, Theresa could manage making it homemade or it! In everything even more could be a restaurant she absolutely loved it as well as my.. That mushroom spinach gnocchi I had to hunt down in the rotation one of the tomatoes pan and re-added it at store. Corn starch in a bowl need to cook gnocchi this way skillet on medium high heat about uncooked! Adventurous, but it will not whip loves: mushrooms, heavy cream 1 min you want. It alright if I share this link to the pan Chris,,... First in a restaurant adds to onions, garlic, and it worked out, Mary!!!!... Date night and Unoaked Chardonnay fat at the moment spices not sure what blend is considered Italian,!. Fine without it it separately then adding to the sauce deliciously few spoonfuls of pasta tomake. Sprinkle on about 1/2 to 3/4 the parmesan, then cover the pan and re-added it at store! Made were to add a little more cream and a lot more spinach definitely skeptical the...

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