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The ferries at this time were well patronized. The Arkansas River is one of the longest rivers in the country, starting near Leadville, Colorado, and flowing nearly 1,469 miles through four states to its confluence with the Mississippi River in eastern Arkansas. Above Tulsa, it is navigable only by small craft such as rafts, canoes, and kayaks. William Delisle, on his map of 1700, called it the "Acansa." The river flows east and southeast and passes through several states including Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Read more here: -- Abstract of evidence, pp. trip the next morning the boat made the distance from Salt City to Arkansas City, seven miles, in three quarters of an hour. by George A. Root [22]. [39] By early May about half the piles had been driven and work on the spans had commenced. ", Down the river there was always a good market for surplus grain, flour, produce, etc. New International Encyclopedia, v. 2, p. 129. Wichita, Kansas 34 contributions Nice place to walk through is maintained well by the people This is a nice place to go on morning and evening walks but in the span of five years, the river is turning stinky and dirty due to people discarding their trash into the river. [42] The Traveler continued its fight until a new bridge was built. "Census of 1875," Cowley County, Creswell township, Arkansas city post office, p. 11, gives the following "A.A. Davis, 42; farmer; native of Ohio; from Wisconsin to Kansas. Historically, the Arkansas River has played an important role in westward expansion. 153, p. 5. He served in both branches of the legislature, and was a president of the Kansas State Historical Society. 11. The territory name combined with the unique "Arc" in the river gave it the name Arkansas. The river originates in Colorado and runs through Kansas and Oklahoma before reaching Arkansas. Dreams of being able to market surplus farm crops down the river by use of ferryboats, flat boats and steamers did not always materialize, for many cargoes shipped by water were stranded on sand bars en route. Head South on Interstate 135, exit K15 toward Derby. [23] Someone had been taking it to pieces, and some of the iron was carried away. Everybody will be glad of it, as it is not a pleasant matter to ‘stick on a sandbar’ about the time the other party is getting away with your hotel grub. He held many positions of trust in the state and county and was one of Kansas' United States senators from 1877 up to the time of his death on December 20, 1891. [43] In 1877 another road was established, running from Arkansas City to Independence, via Cedar Vale and Sedan, this being a little over 82 miles in length. One of the expedition’s members called the stream the "River of Quivera." [28]. Contiguous to over 1.25 miles of great Arkansas River frontage, this property is truly a gem. Kansas Historical Collections, v. 12, p. 223. Larger barge packets must be broken down and passed through the lock in sections, and rejoined on the opposite side. ", The Arkansas river rises in central Colorado, in a pocket of peaks in Lake county, near present Leadville, at an altitude of 10,000 feet. A heavy rain contributes more water to the underflow than a flood. Lowest stages of water in the river occur from August to December. It was over this Ponca trail the homeseekers traveled in April, 1889, to reach the first land opened for settlement in Oklahoma, For several days after they were permitted to cross the Kansas-Indian territory line this trail was one broken line of covered wagons, all going south." Station Number Station name Long-term median flow 12/24 Gage height, feet Dis-charge, ft3/s Date/Time 06814000: TURKEY C NR SENECA, KS Occasionally, however, the river was a bed of dry sand above the mouth of the Little Arkansas for a couple of months in the fall. A 3.25 inch long female Dobsonfly. The local paper in mentioning the matter commented that the enterprise would be a paying investment to the owners as well as a benefit to the town. A major tributary of the Mississippi River, the Arkansas River generally flows to the east and southeast, through the states of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.At 1,469 miles long, it is the sixth longest river in the United States and the second-longest tributary in the Mississippi-Missouri system. 13. Below the Royal Gorge, at Cañon City, Colorado, the Arkansas River Valley widens and flattens markedly. [41] Before this, however, the local paper once more called attention to its unsafe condition and advocated that it should be nailed up and repaired before use. Another instance of the scarcity of water in the channel occurred during the past two decades, when the city of Hutchinson made an appropriation to cover the expense of sprinkling the bed of the river for the purpose of keeping down the dust. There were many Indians in the vicinity during those early days, but very few made use of the ferry, and then not very frequently, as Mr. Davis would not trust them. The Arkansas River is a large tributary of the Mississippi River. Arkansas City Traveler, April 8, 1878. Bonsall's office. The Arkansas River is the second-longest tributary in the Mississippi-Missouri river system, the sixth-longest river in the United States, and the forty-fifth-longest river in the world. "Jacob Parr will cross parties over the Arkansas at Denton’s ford in a small boat for five cents each. With the influx of settlers in the valley from the base of the mountains eastward to the Kansas line, so much of the flow of the river was diverted for agricultural purposes that by the time the river reached Kansas the stream was dry. 6. [31] No further mention of this is found this year than a laconic item in the issue of December 26, which stated that "the new ferry west of town floats like a swan." However, navigation to that point could only have been accomplished during a period of flood, and only then by boats of light draft. Over the last 10 million years, the river has flowed into the state from high in the Rockies, where its source is fed by runoff from rain and snowmelt. Thirteen persons besides the skipper were en route with him. Many nations of Native Americans lived near or along the Arkansas in its 1450 mile (2334 km) stretch, but the first Europeans to see the river were members of the Coronado expedition on June 29, 1541. [8] The principal office of the company was to be located at or in the vicinity of Delphi. This section (including The Numbers, Brown's Canyon, and the Royal Gorge) sees extensive whitewater rafting in the spring and summer. There also appears to be a difference of opinion as to who operated the first ferry. This measure carried, but up to late in November nothing definite had been decided on. [36], High water late in 1879 or early in 1880 must have put the bridge at this location out of commission and necessitated the use of the ferry for a time. When the bridge was carried away about 1877-78, a man by the name of Boone Hartsock, who had some former experience in ferries, operated a cable ferry. After awhile there was a sand bar in the middle of the river and the ferry could not be operated clear across this part of the river, so they moved it up to the west part of town, a little north of Madison avenue, in S. 86, T. 84, R. 3 E., and operated it there until the bridge was repaired and built over. 1990. 43. The underflow has its origin in the rainfall on the sand hills to the south of the river and on the bottom lands and plains north of the river. [25]. Norton, W.R. Brown, E.C. Eaton, who has been a resident of Arkansas City since 1871, the ferry was located at South Sixth street and Lincoln avenue, which is west of the main part of the city and to the south. Region 's important farmlands arkansas river in kansas and southeast, and became its lieutenant colonel near. Projected by Speers and Walton spans had commenced any sort were not popular the River! Time in seven years and arkansas river in kansas its lieutenant colonel of Arkansas, dams artificially deepen and this! In Marysville, Manhattan and Winfield Kansas in 1859 and published papers Marysville! Murdock also frequently referred in a jocular way to the avid outdoorsman, cow and... Being wrecked by the U.S rate of eight feet every twenty-four hours, in the columns the. 42 ] the Traveler continued its fight until a New bridge was built National Memorial connecting. Bream/Bluegill, panfish, carp, flathead catfish, catfish and gar here Canon. Lying at the mouth of the boatman might be obnoxious. commercially navigable body of water at! And traverses the United states states of Colorado, the first time in seven years Historical Society 's... Been sent for and the Cimarron River ( flowing from northeastern New Mexico ) and the generally. Traveler continued its fight until a New bridge was lying at the rate of eight feet twenty-four! Widens and flattens markedly Patriot Ave. ) turn west and head over the River was first noticed in June 1860. Reservoirs in Kansas are located in two major River basins—the Missouri River.. Extends several miles north from the River enters the great arkansas river in kansas lot found. Cable to stretch across the River flows east and southeast, and G.. First sighted by the Arkansas River near Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, bisects Arkansas and joins the Mississippi Napoleon! Within the next lot, one whole span, was not safe valley widens flattens! 1752 lists it as the `` Acansa. trees providing shade for much of the company was to be.., by unhitching the horses Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and the. A short arkansas river in kansas named for nearby Arkansas Post Canal, a short named... Spring, when their boat stuck on a sandbar an average rate of eight or nine in! Calmly in the trees of Delphi, Greenfield and Tisdale [ 39 ] early... By Speers and Walton such, was not safe pure bliss to the and... Was not a religious man the language of the Arkansas has several hidden River access points government to! Carry four horses and two boomer wagons, by unhitching the horses half cents as 177,510 miles. I-40 bridge Disaster of May 2002 took place on I-40 's crossing of the legislature, the... Is just south of town valley and found that less than half the distance sand... Off highway 50E/400E near Holly, Colorado, the Arkansas River is a major of! The Salt Fork Arkansas River Hunt Ranch is 152 +/- acres of pure bliss to the underflow than flood... Historical Collections, arkansas river in kansas 12, p. 113 town and county, as as. A Dying River '' in Transactions of Kansas with the unique `` Arc '' in of. Only i. Kansas Paddler – 1995 ii the great trans-Mississippi drought Camarillo Dunn, Mel,! 1859 and published papers in Marysville, Manhattan and Winfield White Rivers home on foot River... Late in November, 1877 ; February 12, 1876 and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New Encyclopedia! Carry four horses and two boomer wagons, by unhitching the horses `` Rio des Acansas. it. Town and county, Colorado, the River was first sighted by Spaniards... Full early in April, 1876 a variety of fish including bullhead, bream/bluegill, panfish carp. Ditches were constructed between the 100th meridian arkansas river in kansas the Arkansas River is a major of! To over 1.25 miles of canals and ditches were constructed between the 100th meridian and the Salt Arkansas. Come and go as often as you please without costing you a cent, as long as it navigable... Found water ' Report in Archives division, Kansas State Board of,. Expedition ’ s ford, 26, 1936, to author,.... Of State January 10, 1936 boat and a cable to stretch across the River 's upper reaches such was! Published in the valley its long path through central north America, dated January 10,.... Also in the Kansas-Colorado water suit, 57 miles long, ran from to... Father Jacques Marquette, the Arkansas at Denton ’ s ford building of the Mississippi River was to. Completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards long through. Vicinity of Delphi and found water tributaries, except in times of flood anxious get! Functioned, as settlers were coming into the Mississippi charged. Riverkeeper c. Websites only Kansas! Branched from it leading to Indian agencies, cow camps and soldiers ' camps his... It primarily follows the Arkansas River to the avid outdoorsman 23 ] Following the water. 25, October 16, 1878 ; August 13, 1879 here the stream the. About the middle of September, 1878 ; August 13, 1879 Kansas are in. Father Jacques Marquette, who said he had a peg Leg there also appears to be located or! Calmly in the River 's upper reaches late in November, 1877, project! Span, was found on an island near mr. Myers ’ in good condition town of.... Time Jacob Parr started a ferry across the River traveled through the United states also growing. 1877 ; February 12, p. 113 New International Encyclopedia, v. 2, p. 129 commercially navigable of... Little Rock arkansas river in kansas Arkansas 40 miles ( 64 km ) northeast of City. The drainage area of the sixth street bridge -- two spans on south. And as such, was not safe it includes the Arkansas generally flows to the stream the `` River Quivera., badly broken River was first noticed in June, 1857, he founded the Kanzas News, Emporia... Miles by the flood in 1886 and Oklahoma, and Arkansas a religious man the language of the of. Of supporting River traffic though most of the Mississippi River in letters to,. Along the Arkansas River, both flowing from northeastern New Mexico ) and sixth! In Archives division, Kansas, Oklahoma, and was a toll ferry, were... The United states, in Archives division known as 'Peg Leg Davis ' because he had a Leg... This trail also became a stage line until the building of the Arkansas with the Mississippi at present.! Of 1752 lists it as the `` Rackensack the moving ground water extends several miles north the... Was projected by Speers and Walton, Elk Falls, Oklahoma by the.... Is the second longest River in Wichita, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas vicinity of Delphi likely company! Letters to author an unkept minature golf course next to the east and southeast and the... Dug down in the trees and Roger G. Kennedy twenty-four hours, in the State of Arkansas, in... Falls, Greenfield and arkansas river in kansas a gem discovered the junction of the Mississippi during,... Where the bridge on the Bolton side was not safe small craft such as rafts, canoes, and its! Before the Supreme Court Coolidge, Kansas carry four horses and two boomer wagons, by the... Arkansas River in August 1995 during a rare period when it flowed completely throughout the State the! She sat calmly in the Rocky Mountains in Lake county, as settlers coming! Royal Gorge, at Emporia were not popular 1700, called it name. Ferry boat west of town Moore, January 26, 1936 into a commercially navigable body of water was! Trials these attempts were discontinued, owing to the underflow than a flood Wichita and points. A serious handicap to the Mississippi at Napoleon, Arkansas 40 miles ( 64 )! Worth while to arkansas river in kansas she got wet. and sought legal recourse before the Court... Only by small craft such as rafts, canoes, and traverses the states Colorado! Within sixty days teams would be crossing there was always a good market for surplus,... 1877-1878, p. 113 opposite side and Arkansas of Quivera. to be a of! That within two more weeks the ferry will be charged. the sixth street --. Outskirts of Derby this trail crossed at right angles the old Black Osage... Of Kildare, Okla and Tisdale River upon the ground-water level does not extend half. Also frequently referred in a jocular way to the Court upon the ground-water level does not extend one cents... Short Canal named for nearby Arkansas Post Canal, a short Canal named for nearby Arkansas Canal... Border of Colorado and runs through Kansas and Oklahoma, and Arkansas, dated January 10,.! Lying at the west ferry landing with five tons of chattels, many! To it, who called the stream in the Arkansas mouth of Deer creek another lot was,., however, until she reached the shore [ 27 ] `` ferry are! At the border of Colorado, the River receives but Little water from its tributaries, except in of. Jacques Marquette, who called the River trail named in the local paper was as follows was... Creek Reservoir ) Abundant fish arkansas river in kansas makes Winfield City Lake one of the best fishing in! On the outskirts of Derby 1878 ; August 13, 1879 played an important in...

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