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They also show that middle-class children actually benefit academically from longer holidays; they read more, go to the library, go on enriching trips and come back better able to learn than before. I would prefer them to be longer than shorter. Should you have a shorter summer holiday? School work, especially in junior high and high school, becomes a child's job. For […] "I think school holidays should not be shorter because it gives you the opportunity to develop other important skills by just being adventurous and playing with your friends." ", "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ", "I think children should get the same 6 weeks summer holiday because if some children are gong to secondary school they need to think about what is going to change. amsmith355 BRONZE, … According to the Guardian.co.uk, The Education Secretary Michael Gove wants school holidays to be cut short, because the current structure is out of date. At the moment most schools have to follow rules set by the Local Education Authority, and these rules decide how long term times are, and how many weeks holiday you get at different times of the year. Because of the shortened school days, students would have more time to be active after school. If school was shorter, people would have more time to do homework and less people would be stressed. The focus for students moves away from school and onto family and culture. These schools are usually closed on Fridays or Mondays. The Government’s poverty adviser has suggested that summer holidays for schools should be shortened, instead having four or five terms with short breaks between them. "In order to reach those levels of achievement a higher level of effort is expected on behalf of students, parents and teachers. Children need to constantly go over their work to refresh their memory and ensure they retain information that they have learned throughout the school year. But instead of taking off much of the summertime, year-round school programs take a series of shorter breaks throughout the year. Published. ", "I think the summer holidays should be spread out evenly during the Easter holidays, the October holidays and the Christmas holidays because it gives us more time to see our friends and family! Year-round school in the United States is neither a new concept nor an unusual one. ", "No way!!! 2. Shorter school days would lead to healthier students. School holidays need to be shorten When kids having their leisure time during school holidays too much, This will surely affected their academic performances. ", "We have 12 weeks off during the summer holidays and I wouldn't change a thing. Fact Check: Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe? Shortening the school day by even an hour or two can allow a district to save dramatically on its utility costs. I think summer holidays are the right length. Less time in school could allow students the freedom to discover other interests that are fulfilling and stimulating. A shorter school day can only be seen as a positive change. School is not there to be childminders to our children they are there to educate them. Kids will forget the lessons that already learned during school times. Students Fall Behind. Up … Join the Yahoo Talking Point by posting in the comments below: ‘Firstly, children learn in block periods and retention of information deteriorates quickly. ", Miss Taylor and her tutor group, Kent, England, "I personally dislike it but I can see why some teachers want it because some pupils forget what they have learned over the holidays. ", "I really don't want 4 weeks because I like to play with my friends.". Check out these snowy scenes from around the world. Kids also need a break and more time to go on holidays abroad!! Teachers find shorter holidays to be easier for lesson planning. "Most schools build their year around Easter, which can fluctuate by many weeks from one year to the next. It's long enough to get a rest, have lots of time and spend time with your family so I don't think it should change. Tell us what you think and why. You do however get quite bored after a bit. Online classroom.synonym.com A shorter school day can bring physical, social and emotional benefits to students. There is not enough time for other activities like sports or sleeping, because there is too much damn homework!!! According to Frank Field, disadvantaged children who don’t receive enough support at home cannot catch up after such a long break, and poor families can’t afford childcare while they are working. This arrangement changed and, by the 1930s, children had approximately the same amount of time off as children do today, give or take a week. Traditional school calendars and year-round schedules both provide students with about 180 days in the classroom. Yes, school holidays should be shorter because: 1. In the first of a new Yahoo series, we asked two experts to explain each side of the argument. What do you think? We want to know what you think? One of the benefits of school holidays is the time that families can spend together. Pinning the blame on summer holidays … A study from Baltimore found that variations in summer loss might possibly account for two-thirds of the achievement gap between rich and poor children … School districts consider shorter school days for several reasons, including saving money and providing students the ability to participate in more extracurricular activities. much time away from the classroom. In New South Wales, between the late 1840s and the late 1850s, children only had one week off at Christmas. Subsection UK. Schools that use a shorter week say they save money on things like buses and electricity. Stress can cause many problems such as causing grades to fall. How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed Schools and Education in Lasting Ways. The length of the school year should be shorter because the length causes a great deal of stress on students. From data compiled in 2009 by the Seattle PI, students in the United States are already spending longer days in school compared to other nations. They published a piece in 2016 arguing literacy and numeracy sc… Former United Kingdom’s Government adviser Frank Field backed this by suggesting that their summer holidays for schools should be shortened. I think school holidays should stay the same because kids should have more time with family than in school. ", "I think six weeks is great. I think that school holidays should not be made shorter because it gives kids a break away from school so we can have plenty of time to spend with our friends. ", "I usually get bored during the summer holidays. Short holidays also mean more of them. Should school days be shorter? Should school Summer holidays be made shorter? The shorter school days would also lead to students having more fun after school. Longer breaks such as the winter holidays allow families an opportunity to reconnect. As for myself, A boarding school student, I becomes really excited when it … 8 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Workplace More LGBTQ+ Inclusive, Fact Check: “JFK Jr. Is Still Alive" and Other Unfounded Conspiracy Theories About the Late President’s Son. This extra fun would eliminate stress. There actually are biological reasons as to why they should stay in bed longer -- and why schools need later starting times to avoid harming their development. Despite criticisms that a shorter school day limits classroom instruction, more free time in the afternoon enables students to participate in extracurricular activities that strengthen the overall educational experience. What might the consequences be? The shorter school days would also benefit our sports teams. Students could also spend the extra time in the afternoons to participate in community-service programs. One local council is cutting down to five weeks. Stress can … Read about our approach to external linking. Also children need a break from school. To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on. School is too long and I hate it! Additional costs savings from a shorter day include less money paid to part-time workers to cover hours needed to support faculty and staff. Michael Gove said this week that he wants to see shorter school holidays and longer school days. In some school districts, school is no longer defined by a long summer, but instead runs over the whole year, sprinkled with breaks in between. Compared to Singapore, US students are spending more than 200 additional hours in school each year. If it's early, you get a long summer term, if it's late, the term is much shorter. Shortening the school day by even an hour or two can allow a district to save dramatically on its utility costs. But lately, a growing number of schools have shortened the week to four days. ", "I think school holidays should not be shorter because it gives you the opportunity to develop other important skills by just being adventurous and playing with your friends. 8 September 2015. Video, 00:03:55 Should school days be shorter? More than 40% of Britons think school summer holidays should be shorter, according to the results of a Sky Data poll. Reasons Why the School Day Should Be Shorter | Synonym. But would you change how long your summer break is? The students would gain more time for fun while also having time to gain an excellent education. Scores don’t rise with longer school days. More by this author Follow amsmith355 . The other school days are a little longer to make up the lost time. When asked about the duration of the annual break, which goes on for about six weeks from July to September, 43% of people said it was time to reduce it. You will still have to do the same number of school days in a year though. Charlotte, Nottingham. I think they should be shorter by about 2 weeks. A … By Sophie Hines. Holidays give families an opportunity to spend time together and celebrate. He argued that disadvantaged children who do not … Even a short break from the routine can renew and energize students for when they come back without losing momentum in the classroom. Students Are Not Employees Some people argue that because the work day is roughly seven or eight hours, the school day should be as well. The government wants to change this - they want each school in England to choose their own holidays and term times, which would mean it would be up to your teachers and your parents to decide. ", "I want a few more weeks so that there is more time with family and for clubs. ", "I think we should have 6 weeks holiday because most of the time we'll be in school studying very hard and concentrating and we should have at least 6 weeks of our holiday time to relax and have fun after all of the studying. School holidays haven’t always been long. Students feel that they work hard towards the goal of 6 weeks holiday, it's something to look forward to. ", "No, because we need our full rest and fun time which shorter holidays wouldn't allow. Both students, teachers and administrators would benefit from the change. ", "In Spain summer holidays are 3 months long (11 weeks), you finish in June and start mid September, because it's so hot. Even when children are not at school they are still learning so I can't see why some parents feel their child's academic ability slips. The school day should be shorter because students need more sleep, students could have more free time to do homework or do their own things and students would have less classes per day meaning they have less things to remember. Internships and advanced educational training programs are other possibilities for the extra time provided by a shorter day. Also students who work part-time jobs have greater ability to still engage in after-school activities while working part time. The reasons why children from poor backgrounds do badly at school are complex; social, economic, psychological and educational factors all play a role. School sports teams can start practices earlier, thus allowing students to finish and get home at a more reasonable time. Reasons Why School Should Be Shorter. The Daily Telegraph thinks holidays should be capped at four weeks. My Birthday is at the start of the holidays and if they made the holidays shorter I would have school on my birthday! 2 Students Should Be Getting More Rest In addition to students having more time to focus on important activities, a shorter school day would give them more time to rest. Do you think it's important to have a longer break over the summer? The current school holiday structure was formed many years ago to allow children to get agricultural jobs; this income would help their families whilst not having a negative effect on their education. In some cases, districts may also be able to generate revenue by using the time that school isn't in session to rent the space to local organizations. How Does the 25th Amendment Work — and When Should It Be Enacted? ", "We think that the school holidays (6 weeks) should remain as they are because it is what most students are familiar with and 6 weeks gives lots of time to complete work, projects and revision. Plans to let schools set their term dates might result in shorter summer holidays in England. Should elite athletes be able to get vaccinated? Some of you get six weeks off, while other schools get four weeks off school over the summer - and this means more holidays at other times of the year. I don't think it should change. Teams of all sports would have more time to practice. Some low-income families rely on the income generated by older students to help support the family. The U.S. Supreme Court: Who Are the Nine Justices on the Bench Today? What Are Reasons to Have Shorter School Days. School districts consider shorter school days for several reasons, including saving money and providing students the ability to participate in more extracurricular activities. By amsmith355 BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia. Section BBC News. Just 11% thought it […] "Noooo!! April 21, 2013 . Reasons and Solutions: Why Students Need Shorter Days . Hands up if you're excited about the summer holidays? About 100 public schools in Canada have adopted year-round classes, which means students have a shorter summer break but more holidays dispersed throughout the year. It's hard to work at school during the hot weather!! A long study break can cause them to forget what they’ve learnt, allowing them to become languid from so . ", "I think that we should have two months off in summer holidays and less throughout the year because this is what they do in Poland and all different countries. "School days are longer, school holidays are shorter. Of course you are! So, should school holidays be shorter? Teachers would be able to have some free time and be able to educate students. 3:55.

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