money plant variegated

Money Plant (Variegated) : Scindapsus or Money plant is an easy to grow, hardy indoor plant. It is commonly known as money plant in many parts of the Indian subcontinent. Your email address will not be published. Money Plant Golden.

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Water once a week

Bright Indirect Sunlight Direct harsh sunlight can harm your Money Plant. It doesn't appear stressed at all and is recovering nicely.

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Always receive top quality and quick service. The leaves of a Money Plant contain Calcium Oxalate which can cause irritation, vomiting and difficulty in swallowing if ingested by pets. Unlimited Greens is the one-stop online shop that is dedicated to revive your connection with nature by delivering you our diverse range of plants, pots and garden accessories. So, make sure to add them among your greenies. They prefer bright to medium indirect light.
Indoors, money plant can also grow in full shade. The plant is widely propagated in water bottles in small towns as well. Indoor To make sure that you get the plant you see on the website, our plants come with a nutrient dense soil less potting mix that sustains the plant during transit and discourages any infestation. Bright light boosts the growth of this no-fuss houseplant. Incorporate this fleshy climbing vine in your indoor or outdoor space to create a spell-binding decor. Repotting : Once your Money Plant is growing well and thriving, repot it in a slightly larger pot when it becomes root bound and the growth slows down. Rolling Nature has a beautiful and affordable range of variegated and golden money plants (Golden Pothos).